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Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing Ads, Killer landing pages are all your weapons


“We need more leads! and quality leads.” Everyday business owners say this again and again.

Then we get asked about Facebook, Google Adwords, Email Marketing, along with other buzz words in online marketing.


Here’s the thing

Not all businesses are the same.

Google Adwords may be fantastic for one business but Facebook may save the day for another;

And how many times have you been called up by some digital agency telling you “spending $1000 a week will get you on top of Google”?

Be careful, one size does not fit all for online marketing.

Understanding your business is more crucial than running Ads itself.


Paying $20 a click sounds crazy?

Almost every customer wowed when they heard the idea of paying Google Adwords for clicks regardless whether people bought the product/service or not.

This sounds familiar to attending trade shows?

Remember in the old days when people paid more than $5,000 for a booth at a trade show?

Business owners had to keep a record of the leads collected from the trade show, AKA the spreadsheet.

Then you do some math: if you collected 100 business cards from the trade show and 20 of them are converted to leads.

Now let’s say that you are currently converting half (50%) of your leads into customers, which means 10 sales out of 20 leads. Each of the sale is worth $1000, so the total sales are worth 10 x $1,000 = $10,000. After you take out the $5,000 trade show expense, still made a profit of $5,000.

Hence you decide to attend this trade show again next year.

Google Adwords operates in a similar fashion for you, except it’s not once a year, it’s 24 x 7.


Let’s break it down

Using the same conversion rate as above, out of the 100 visitors you’re getting to your website from Google Adwords, you’re turning 20 of them into a lead.


Then you could have made 10 sales out of the 20 leads, which equals to $10,000 sales.

How much did you say the cost per click was on Google?

$20 per click?

It means you would have paid $20 x 100 clicks = $2,000 to Google.

$10,000 – $2,000 = $8,000 is your profit from running Adwords.

Now imagine if you can do this 24 x 7.

Let’s talk about a growth strategy for your business.

Advertising is gold when it makes profit

This is How We Do It for Your Business

1. Understand Your Business

Understand your business and goals. Online advertising only gets as good as understanding your business.

2. Generate Traffic

We use the most suitable channels to drive traffic to your website.

3. Retargeting

Re-target traffic that hasn’t converted the first time they visit your website.

4. Grow Leads and Sales

We help you track leads and grow sales

Why Choose Us?

Because we are serious

Understand your business

We learn to understand your business as much as our own business. Your strength and weakness.

Beat your competition

We stalk your competitors first. Then figure out how we can beat them.

Serious about Growth

We only focus on growing your leads and sales. Nothing else.

Bald and brave

We are bald so we think of strategies out side of the box and use them for your advantage.


WARNING: Before you claim your free strategy session you gonna understand that this is only for people serious about growing their business for long term success.

We will use the marketing power to drive quality leads to your business, and for that, we need your commitment and focus.  If you’re not ready for that please don’t waste our time.

But if you are ready to take your business to the next level book your FREE strategy session now.

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It is all about the Call to Action, So Get a FREE Strategy Session for your Business Now